Airborne Platforms

Lone Star ISR operates several classes of sUAS (Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems) drone aircraft. These include:

  • Custom In-House Drones. Drones built in house with foreign and domestic manufactured internal parts. These aircraft are not NDAA Section 848 Compliant.
  • Commercial Non Blue List Drones. Off-the-shelf enterprise drones manufactured by Autel (mfg. in China/US mixed) and DJI (mfg. in China) that are not approved by the Defense Innovation Unit. These aircraft may not be flown in and around military facilities or critical infrastructure.
  • Commercial Blue List Drones. FY20 NDAA Section 848 compliant, off-the-shelf enterprise drones approved for operations around critical infrastructure.

Thermography Systems

Lone Star ISR uses Teledyne FLIR Boson core cameras on its drones configured to conduct flights in an around critical infrastructure.

Where not required by the FY20 NDAA Section 848, Lone Star ISR uses vendor supplied thermal cameras. This includes its Search and Rescue (SAR) operations. These vendor-supplied cameras are a cost effective solution to the customer’s needs.

Photogrammetry/Mapping Systems

Lone Star ISR uses vendor-supplied cameras and technologies to conduct photogrammetry (mapping) operations. Where possible, to reduce costs, provide competitive pricing, and best return on investment, Lone Star ISR uses a combination of commercial, vendor supplied, and open source technologies to remain competitive. These technologies include:

  • DJI Flight Hub 2 (Link) for flight planning and controls depending on the platform. This is a cloud-based solution.
  • DJI Flight Planner (Link) for flight planning depending on the platform. This is a desktop solution.
  • Litchi (Link) for flight mission controls for the DJI Platform. This is a cloud-based solution.
  • WebODM (Link) for cloud-based processing of site Photogrammetry, OrthoMosaic (GeoTIFF), Digital Elevation Models, Textured 3D Model and Colored Point Clouds. This is a cloud based solution.
  • QGIS Desktop (Link) for map creation, and merging of geographical informational systems data from ArcGIS. This is a desktop application.

FLIR Forward Looking Infrared

At this time, Lone Star ISR does not provide any FLIR based mapping services.

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